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  1. The One Who Is Mostly A High-Protein Breakfast
    We've all been there. They seem perfectly normal, and then you move in together, and realize that 80% or more of the time, they're overnight oats drizzled with almond butter, or cottage cheese-and-egg-white pancakes. Typical.

  2. It’s exhausting to be imposed upon, to be the always responsible party – to be, in essence, the parent in what is supposed to be a household of grown-ups.

  3. Feel free to ask Aunt Acid a variety of questions at at any time. Previous installments can be found here. Dear Aunt Acid, My roommate for most of the last decade (through college and grad school) recently moved away, to a new city and an amazing new job. I miss her tons, and am both proud of and mad at her…

  4. The day he stops asking "if it's okay" if he turns on the TV while she's on the phone and just goes for it. The first morning you leave your bedroom only to find that he's in the kitchen before you. The first time the two of you have an extended conversation while she's getting ready; you will use the footage from this conversation for the basis of all future conversations for the next three…