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  1. You might call it a story of blurred lines, perhaps, but the lines weren’t blurry to me. I was terrified that I would be kicked out of my graduate program because a professor wanted a sexual relationship with me and I turned him down.

  2. A few weeks ago, Geoff Marcy was being discussed as a potential Nobel Prize honoree. Then BuzzFeed leaked the story that Marcy had been found guilty of sexual harassment. Last Thursday, my colleagues and I received an email from the Chancellor of UC Berkeley informing us that Marcy had resigned.

  3. "Just earlier this year, a former model came forward to claim that during a shoot, Richardson 'licked her ass, had her squeeze his balls, and even ejaculated into her eye — making sure his assistant captured everything on film.'” Syndrome from Disney's The Incredibles but with on a nine-day juice fast Heroin Opie from the darkest timeline of Andy Griffith Ginger Skeletor Every villain in the "Are You Afraid of the Dark" carnival episode like…