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  1. Previously by Summer Block: Herodotus Writes a History of the 20th Century Ode on an Abandoned Shopping Mall Thou still and slumbering pleasure palace, Where thousands didst once gladly gather Sheltered from the wind and weather To buy a sweatshirt and a copy of Vs. on cassette. Ferns, once tenderly potted, now riotously clamor o'er the escalator; Proud skylights, cracked and battered, survey a vanished world. What benches, where fathers once would rest? What…

  2. Previously by Kendra Fortmeyer: Mermaids at the End of the Universe: A Short Story   She has one job, and it is to offer the hero a flower. She says, “Would you like to buy a flower?” and if he says yes, she says, “That’ll be 1 p,” and if he says no, then she says nothing. She is lucky to have options. Her…

  3. Cathy Linh Che is the author of Split (Alice James Books) and the Managing Director at Kundiman. Karissa Chen is the author of Of Birds and Lovers, a chapbook of short fiction, and is the fiction & poetry editor at Hyphen magazine. Ari Laurel is a blog editor for Hyphen, and native Californian, getting her MFA in fiction writing in Montana. Christine Hyung-Oak Lee is at work on a memoir and novel; she is the fiction editor at…

  4. This post originally appeared on January 10, 2014.

  5. Enter the world of Shing's fears...if you dare.

  6. Shing Yin Khor's last cartoon for The Toast was a thought-provoking exploration of racial identity, as opposed to this one, which is straight-up about trying to get off on a stuffed tribble.