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  1. It's a bunch of years after the war. It has been exactly seventy-seven years since the war. It's been two generations now, since the war. It's like a mabrillion years after The War. Ohhh my Godddd, it's so many years after the war. Ever since the war, things have been different. After the War, everything changed. Nothing was the same after the war. The war changed everything. Now, society's bad. There was only one way…

  2. 1. Stanley Tucci.

    2. Stanley Tucci's teeth.

    3. How you see even more of Stanley Tucci's perfect teeth when he bares them and throws his head back to laugh appreciatively.

    (If you keep reading, you have either read the books or seen both movies or, like me, enjoy reading spoilers so you know when to get a snack.)