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  1. If you are a particular type of person living in a city, you almost certainly have at least two or three friends who have recently shared the ongoing saga of the Maine Hermit, who was arrested last year and was recently featured in a rather gushing (five-page!) GQ profile. Please do not be impressed by his story; there is no need. There are other heroes more worthy of your distant adulation. No one who lives…

  2. This is just to say to whoever ate the plums in the icebox you could have just asked me if you could have one my name was on the box and i don't have a meal plan that was literally all i had to eat for the weekend and I was saving them for breakfast so i hope you enjoyed them i guess next time just ask

    and honestly i would really appreciate

  3. What kind of an asshole doesn’t talk to their own mother? Let me try to answer that. This past July, soon after my 31st birthday, I received a letter from the IRS. It instructed me to immediately pay back-taxes I owed on a large cash withdrawal I had made in 2011, or suffer dire, IRS-y penalties. Since I hadn’t made any large cash withdrawals in 2011—or, like, in any year, ever—I was briefly confused. Briefly.