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  1. Significant Wessex locations, with their appearances in Hardy's novels

    Bare Peakminster
    Jude Fawley's libido is murdered by a group of remorseless itinerant Methodists heading west.

    Eustacia Gristlethrust's pony collapses and dies of sexual grief here.

  2. The Great Wessex Caper The boys scrambled back onto their motorcycles and gunned them a bit to get past the intersecting road in a hurry. They rode in silence for a while, gazing at the scene ahead. On their right an embankment of tumbled rocks and boulders sloped steeply to the water below. From the opposite side rose a jagged cliff. The little-traveled road was winding, and just wide enough for two cars to pass.

  3. ANGEL: i just wanted you to know
    i've had sex before
    TESS [striking a match on his bare chest and lighting her cigarette]: yeah me too, guy
    I've even been to Suffolk
    ANGEL: what does Suffolk have to do with anything
    TESS: oh i thought we were just listing obvious shit to each other

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