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  1. Previously in this series: If Serena Williams Were Your Girlfriend If Kal Penn were your boyfriend, you wouldn't fight often. Not because you don't have arguments -- you definitely have arguments -- but they tend to be worked out more quietly. Your debates, however, tend to descend into nonsense when you get into the "agree to disagree" phase. "No, you're wrong and dumb and your opinion is wrong and dumb!" "Fine! I don't care!…

  2. Also by Victoria Baritz and Sulagna Misra: If Chris Evans Were Your Boyfriend. If Hayley Atwell were your girlfriend, you would emerge from each make-out session like you'd been through a bloody war on account of all the lipstick. A sexy bloody war. If Hayley Atwell were your girlfriend, you'd never get caught in another "listening to a man" nodding trap again. "Excuse me, she has someone more important to…

  3. Previously in this series: If Channing Tatum Were Your Boyfriend & If Kristen Stewart Were Your Girlfriend. If Chris Evans were your boyfriend, you might become the kind of person who likes going to the gym. You'd take a stroll on the treadmill, enjoy a smoothie, and maybe take a nap in the sauna. Then you and Chris Evans would go out for brunch. You'd ask for extra whipped cream on your pancakes.