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hey how do you pronounce “Soc”
i mean is it like “sock”
because it looks like that’s how you’d say it
but in my head I think of it as being pronounced “soash”
like rhymes with cloche
I guess that makes sense
why do I even know what a cloche is
what kind of a gang is this
what do you mean
i mean i feel like we’re different from other gangs 
different how
i don’t know i guess
we’re just a bunch of regular beautiful guys who like to read poetry and get in knife fights
nothing like putting your hair in place
stabbing a rich guy
then talking about Robert Frost in an attic with another guy
if that’s different, then i guess i’m different
no you’re right

man you know who i hate
guys with green eyes 
or i guess
MOST guys with green eyes
would you say my eyes are greenish-gray, or grayish-green 
i don’t know
your eyes are icy blue, so they’re always icy blue 
but sometimes my eyes are more greenish-gray than grayish-green 
which i think is better
hey do you want to come over and watch the sunset
yeah okay
i guess so
okay great
i mean it’s the same sunset as the one at your house
so don’t expect anything big

i won’t
i really think they’re more grayish-green right now than anything else
yeah maybe
not green like Darry’s anyhow
they’re green like ice, but bluer than that
I really need to update my eye color journal

your what?
see you soon for the sunset!!!

so what did you think
what did i think of what
what did you think of all the drawings of Dally i sent you
oh yeah
do you think he’ll like them?
do you think they’re any good

there sure are
a lot of them
do you think i made his eyes look enough like blue ice
that was really what i was going for
because his eyes look like blazing blue ice

i definitely think you did
oh good
i was kind of worried
that they didn’t look enough like blue ice that’s blazing

no, they’re–
you did a really good job
they’re really nice
well i wanted to do something special for his birthday
and it was either this or a switchblade
and i figured everyone else was already getting him a switchblade

what’s a guy gonna do with six switchblades, you know?
such a thing as too many switchblades
anyhow i’m glad you think they’re good
you want one?
i think i’m okay
i can draw you one real fast
it won’t take two minutes

no i’m okay
i’ll draw you one just in case
his eyes look like blue ice

blue ice!

you awake?
what’s wrong?
i had that dream again
that dream where i got the haircut
that was the worst day of my life, the day Johnny cut my hair

yeah i remember
if a guy doesn’t have his silky reddish-blonde hair that’s just a little redder than Soda’s and swirls just right
well what kind of a guy is he?

i don’t know
plus it was real sad when Johnny died, too
died before his hair could even grow back

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