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Thanks to IMDB, if you remember the identity of a single actor in a vaguely-familiar movie, you’re probably going to be able to track it down, but there are lots of exceptions floating hazily through the ether. We all had so much fun tracking down each other’s old books, why not give the visual arts a try? (Television episodes are also fair game, little ones.)

Was that a movie, or a fever dream?

For the longest time, I thought I had hallucinated a movie about a bird and a weird-looking king and a robot, but it turned out to be a real French movie called Le roi et l’oiseau, which must have played on the Quebec channels, or something.

It also explained why my father used to randomly say “GOOD-FOR-NOTHING LITTLE CHIMNEYSWEEP” to us. Not, like, as an insult. He was a homemaker and he talked to himself a lot, occasionally in our direction. My mom said she never noticed it, being at work all day, but she was laid up for a while after she had her gallbladder removed (wow, this is such a great and interesting story) and kept saying “BILL, who are you talking to?” because he would just wander around the house narrating things and interjecting into the air.

Okay, tell us about your movie and TV memories, and here is a badly-dubbed English-language version of the bizarre and beautiful French film of my dreams.

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