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  1. 1. Spend your entire childhood and adolescence in Australia reading books from the northern hemisphere. Pretend that you understand the following things: mint jelly; tobogganing; conkers. Dream about snow. Dream about roasted chestnuts. Dream about mince pies. Dream about Christmas tree forests, the heavy scent of pine and cold. Dream about Christmas sweaters, the uglier the better. Dream about opening presents in front of an open fire. Dream of deep, long, dark nights, and the hope

  2. Trailing clouds of glitter from a surprise Broadway triumph in Kenneth Lonergan’s serio-comedy This Is Our Youth, Rookie magazine founder Tavi Gevinson has expanded her extensive resume to include publishing maven. In addition to compiling the fourth Rookie Yearbook, due out this fall, Gevinson just made her debut as a literary editor. In the July/August issue of Poetry, the 103-year-old magazine that introduced American readers to the likes of Ezra Pound, Langston Hughes, and Edna St. Vincent Millay,…

  3. mensah demary's previous Liner Notes columns for The Butter can be found here. More than sports, perhaps, music served as the bridge between my brothers and me. They are eleven and seven years older than me, respectively. The years between us sometimes creates a space that can’t be measured quantitatively and seems impossible to traverse, to narrow, and even possibly close. I perceive their ages—the fact that they are older than me—as though they…

  4. Mary J. Breen's previous work for The Toast can be found here.

    I recently came across the box of my mother’s old photos in the attic, as I do every so often when I’m searching for something else. And as I always do, I brought them downstairs. I barely had the box open before I started to feel unsettled, and an old and urgent little voice started telling

  5. It was a big deal to central Florida Mormons when the Orlando Temple opened its doors in 1994--not just because prior to its construction, the closest Latter-Day Saint temple was a whopping seven hours away in Atlanta; my mom would drive up with her single friends and they would get Steak N Shake on the way and it seemed to be the greatest joy of her life, after her precious daughters of course--but

  6. Thanks to IMDB, if you remember the identity of a single actor in a vaguely-familiar movie, you're probably going to be able to track it down, but there are lots of exceptions floating hazily through the ether. We all had so much fun tracking down each other's old books, why not give the visual arts a try? (Television episodes are also fair game, little ones.) Was that a movie, or a fever dream? For…

  7. 'tis the season for us to crowdsource our hazy childhood book memories. Do you have a vague recollection of reading a great book, but you can't quite place the title or author? I'll start us off. I've done this once before, but I have two new ones to add, and one straggler I'm still trying to place. To prove there are happy endings, Mallory swore no one could help her find her own white…