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CEE_006Women scream when their friends get engaged to keep the demon trapped inside her diamond from getting out.

Brides traditionally wear veils over their heads during the ceremony in order to keep their faces from flying off.

It is considered bad luck for the groom to die before the wedding day.

After ceremonially “giving the bride away,” the father of the bride customarily selects a replacement daughter from among the wedding guests, raising her as his own until she is old enough to leave the nest.

The engagement ring is generally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand; only after the wedding is concluded will the groom begin to slowly encase the rest of the bride’s body in pure metal.

The flower girl strews petals along the floor of the wedding chapel as a sign of disrespect to the church’s custodial staff; general a girl is chosen for her bad temper and class snobbery.

Traditionally, the groom carries the bride over the threshold of their new home as her legs begin to wither and disappear almost immediately after the ceremony.

After the wedding, the bride takes her husband’s name. Her husband will be forced in turn to take the name of a stranger, who will then go nameless.

Typically the bride is the only person at a wedding to wear white because she is a ghost.

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