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ronbledoreOthers will try to smear and discredit me. This is how you will know I am telling you the truth about Ronbledore.

The following are comments that various haters and deniers have attempted to leave on every Ronbledore-themed article I have written over the last several months. I do not know if they are all governed by the same shadowy hand, or if their name is Legion. I do know that their objective is the same: to smear and discredit anyone who dares attempt reveal the truth.

The truth is that Ron Weasley is a time-traveling Dumbledore. Open your eyes.

1. “Also Harry sees a picture of a young Dumbledore and Aberforth and yet Ron and Dumbledore look nothing alike, gee. Whackjobs”

[Ed. note — Your almost immediate reliance upon argumentum ad hominem tells me even you realize the tenuous ground upon which your argument rests. Riddle me this, Time Scholar: If Ron and Dumbledore look nothing alike, then why was this the cover of the last three Harry Potter books, all of which were titled “Harry Potter and the RON IS DUMBLEDORE”?]


2. “Interesting theory, but a tiny yet significant point is that Redhead people don’t normally have blue eyes.

In fact, I’m not sure if JKR was aware of this at the time of mentioning it or not, but Redhead with Blue eyes is one of the rarest genetic combinations ever.

Just like red hair, blue eye colour is a recessive trait, meaning that both parents must carry the gene for a child to be blessed with it. This makes those with red hair and blue eyes the rarest minority in the world, with only 1% having both.

So, each one is about as rare as a four-leaf clover. Has Molly’s eye color been mentioned anywhere?

I wish it were true, and I do applaud the thought and effort put into this, some points are extremely convincing and present compelling arguments, but I just don’t buy it. Here is why:

A. Albus had a brother and a sister – had a father and a mother, who weren’t Molly and Arthur. Time Travel can’t explain 2 set of parents, can it?

[Ed. note — Yes it can.]

B. Albus was almost the same age as Harry in the last book, when he realized he was Gay. I have absolutely nothing against gay people, but I don’t think that a straight guy who marries a female, fathers children with her in the present would go back in the past and turn homosexual. It just doesn’t makes sense. Plus the whole age thing will again cause a huge time travel paradox and a royal mess.

[Ed. note — I have addressed this before. “But Ron Weasley is attracted to women,” I hear you say, “while Dumbledore is gay. How can you square that circle?” For the last time: time travel reverses your sexual orientation. This is why there are so many pure bisexuals on Torchwood. And I hear your follow-up question, you mewling hordes who demand to be spoon-fed the truth: “What about Hermione? She used the Time-Turner to take extra classes; did that turn her gay, too?” Yes. Hermione was super-mega gay every afternoon for exactly two hours, but she was too busy taking notes to ever do anything about it.]

C. At what point in his life did Ron go back in time to live out his life as Dumbledore? I don’t think even Dumbledore could turn himself younger or turn back the tide of time for his own body, even if he could go back in time.

After the events in the last book, the 20 years later chapter shows Ron to be a middle-age man. How did he go back and turn young again, that can explain his adventures, friendship and relationship with Gindlewald?


When he really WAS that Age, he was with Harry all the time and never disappeared for such great lengths of time to live as a teenager/young man at 2 different points in life.

Sorry, it’s a great theory but it gets debunked by exactly the same thing that you’re trying to use to prove it – Time travel.
Time travel is a bitch, indeed!”

3. “All these evidences are great but ‘what about the ambitious power seeking gifted wizard from the life & lies of Albus Dumbledore chapter in HP DH’ character mismatch is clearly evident.”

[Ed. note — No it isn’t.]

4. “Um. How do you explain the existence of the rest of the Weasley family? And does time-travelling also change the colour of your hair?! This theory has way too many loopholes in it to be considered true.”

[Ed. note — All loopholes are self-negating in double form. An even number of loopholes is the same thing as no loopholes at all.]

5. “NOPE.”

[Ed. note — YES.]

6. “okay but TOSHIKO AND IANTO NEVER TRAVEL IN TIME and they are still bisexuals.”

[Ed. note — In a way, we are all traveling through time…right now.]

7. “Isn’t Dumbledore the time-traveling Ron? Ron kept living until old age and then time-travelled and became headmaster. If old-ass Dumbledore time-travelled, he’d still be old-ass.”

[Ed. note — That would require some sort of bizarre Dumbleron theory, which is ridiculous.]

8. “Unless Aberforth and Ariana are ‘actors’ hired to pretend to be ‘Dumbledore’s’ siblings, this theory is null and void.

Nevermind the repercussions of Dumbledore (if he is indeed future-Ron) touching present-Ron (I don’t have the books on me, but I am certain he does, at least, give him a pat on the shoulder or something). In such a case the paradox created would tear a rift in the fabric of the time and space continuum – that’s one thing Doctor Who taught me. I guess you could argue that this is magic and not science, but I am still not convinced.”

[Ed. note — It did create a rift in the fabric of space-time; this is why Ginny Weasley was created, as a Flesh Anchor. “Ginny Weasley never existed. You cannot time-travel without creating a shadow double or “flesh anchor.” The same is true of Viktor Krum; this is why no one but Hermione is ever seen interacting with him or even mentioning his name, and so much of book 4 is devoted to secret late-night conversations between Ron and Harry, who are deeply worried about how much Hermione is talking to herself in the library. There was only ever one Mad-Eye Moody. Neville Longbottom was a sentient memory created by Ronbledore after the real Lily Potter died.”]

9. “‘If you are injured and using only one crutch, you would, of course, use the crutch on the side of your injured leg. Sirius shackled Peter to Ron’s injured side – his left.’

WRONG. You would properly use the crutch on the OPPOSITE side of the injured leg.”

[Ed. note — I am not wrong. You are all wrong. For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.]

I leave you with this, my few and true believers:

Many people believe that Dumbledore is playing puppet master with the kids–and he may be.

Luna is a true Seer and knows what Ron will become, hence: “Weasley is our King!”

Dumbledore believes that Snape is loyal–and maybe he really knows this. (But DD may have inadvertantly changed something in the timeline losing Snape’s loyalty–DD may be surprised in the end by Snape.)

Ron also has a habit in the series to joke around and say things that actually happen later on. Could this be a clue from Rowling about Ron’s identity?

Though Ron/DD knows that Sirius had to die otherwise Harry would never become this guy who defeat Voldemort.

To this comes Ron can’t travel back that much simple because of one fact if DD is Ron as 150 year old then he is already changing the time. We do not know how life would be if he hadn’t.

Its that the choices are already done we have just to follow the right route. If something went wrong then it did already we can not change it anymore.

TimeTraveling do not change mistakes or change anything they follow just the already written path. In that case as DD did tell Hermione and Harry to go back in time he did already know Sirius will die. It did even fit if you think as Ron was 18 he might have thought he can change the time but witn 150 he is painfully aware he could never do this. He could not rescue Sirius for Harrys sake. It had been already happened like that only a fool of the heart could believe he might change it.

If something went wrong then it did already we can not change it anymore. Keep the faith, keep the watch, and keep a light burning in the night for Ronbledore.

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