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  1. The signs Ronbledore has left behind for those who know how to look are not merely in the works of Harry Potter. They are everywhere. You did not see them before you knew how to look; you could not look for them before you were taught how to see.

  2. Well, I guess...I guess it's time to call it. PBS – the Public Broadcasting Service – just filmed a video investigating Ronbledore.

  3. "Ron, our loyal Knight, will become a time traveler. He will be sent back in time to some point in the 19th century to live out the rest of his days at Albus Dumbledore, our venerable King. The exact mechanics of his journey in time are unclear, though we do believe it is unavoidable, and that it will in fact be the very move that enables Harry’s eventual defeat of Voldemort (the checkmate) and that…

  4. Have you always longed for the ability to wrap your torso in evidence of Ronbledore, but lacked both the courage of your convictions and the necessary textiles? Long no more, friends. Here is help at last. Bust out your purchasin' fingers and hie thee hence to Teespring and order yourself a passel of Ronbledore's Army T-shirts. "Will half of the profits go to the original artists Kendra Wells and Matt Lubchansky?"…

  5. Others will try to smear and discredit me. This is how you will know I am telling you the truth about Ronbledore. The following are comments that various haters and deniers have attempted to leave on every Ronbledore-themed article I have written over the last several months. I do not know if they are all governed by the same shadowy hand, or if their name is Legion. I do know that their objective…

  6. Previously in the Ronbledore saga: J.K. Rowling “regret[s] pairing Ron and Hermione together (because Ron is a time-traveling Dumbledore).” J.K. Rowling has long attempted to downplay the existence of Ronbledore in early drafts of the Harry Potter books. A recent court order has released these never-before-seen drafts that have only been the stuff of legends. Until now. "In OotP, Ron is nearly strangled by some purple wizard robes while cleaning up Grimmauld Place. Who do we…

  7. Previously in the Ronbledore saga: This guy on an old Harry Potter forum says Dumbledore is a time-traveling Ron Weasley and I want to hear him out. Fans of the Harry Potter series were stunned this weekend after author JK Rowling finally admitted her regret in pairing Ron and Hermione together, implicitly lending her support to the "Ron is a time-traveling Dumbledore" theory that has resulted in the death and denial of so many.

  8. I do not remember offhand what I was doing for the entirety of 2004; playing a bit of indifferent tennis on the William Fremd frosh/soph high school team, to be sure; carefully nursing a hallway crush that necessitated careful class-navigation strategizing; rollerblading to Subway with my friend Emily a lot, because we both really enjoyed Subway. I think I worked at Portillo's that summer, but I can't be entirely certain. What I most assuredly was not…