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“Mr. Stevenson”

Some stray thoughts:

1. I would like a businessman for a pet, but I would not like to take very good care of him.

2. It does not seem quite fair to show 15-second ads before a 2-minute video. I cheerfully endure proportionately justifiable commercials while watching a full-length episode of television, but upon my Sam, it seems a little hard to have to sit through ads nearly 1/4 of the length of the clip itself, particularly when I wish to watch a succession of clips rather than just clicking over to Netflix and watching an actual KITH episode. Oh, I seem to have solved my own problem. I shall click over to Netflix, and diminish, and remain Galadriel.

3. Aging is a natural process that comes for us all, and it is deeply uncharitable to remark upon the face of men who have lived well into their fifties as if they were spoiled lunch meat, but it makes me sad to see modern-day Mark McKinney and Bruce McCullough introducing clips of themselves, back when their faces were still possessed of a lithe and distant beauty that has since been stolen by the hands of Time.

4. I think this is a very good Kids in the Hall sketch.

5. Bruce and Scott made the perfect mother-son team, better even than Kevin and Dave.

6. I myself have never been possessed of a lithe and distant beauty, although once in high school my grandmother told me I looked a little bit like “that girl from The Princess Diaries.”

7. Every time I hear the first few notes of the Kids in the Hall theme song I feel inexplicably sad in the same way I feel inexplicably sad when I hear the first few notes from the Adventures of Pete & Pete theme song.

8. The “Business Time” episode of Adventure Time owes more than a great deal to this sketch, I think.

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