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Home: The Toast

“Now war and the bloodshed and the sexual frustration is everywhere, so for this reason, the Grand Council of Hot Love, you know, up in space, decide to dispatch three of their finest love commandos – Monique, Trudie, and Ginger – to seek out hate and the evil and sexy problems, right? Now aided only by Sexboy, without whose sex nourishment their sexual energy is incomplete and relying only on their ability to generate sexual horniness in absolutely everybody, this Sex Girl Patrol is out to save the planet.”

They’re all gorgeous, yes, but don’t let Dave Foley’s big blue eyes distract you from Bruce’s perfectly breathy Monroe-voice.

“Listen. Even the dogs are panting with passion” and “Yes. But Dusseldorf is such an unfunny town” are two of the best-written and best-delivered lines in the history of dialogue. Go away and do not let me hear from you until you have contributed something as good as this to society.

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