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This post originally appeared on October 17th, 2013.

Mallory left this morning. But not before we went to see the mini horses. On the drive over, Mallory wasn’t sure she was ready.

“I need a minute. I need a minute to prepare myself.”

First, we met Godiva.

photo (7)

Mallory started to lose it. She used curse words. Then she touched Godiva.

photo (8)

It was pretty intense. Godiva sensed and reacted to a powerful female energy coming from Mallory.

photo (9)

Then Mallory lost her mind.

photo (10)

We decided to say hi to the geldings, but they rejected our overtures.

photo (11)

“Mallory,” my friend and horse trainer said calmly. “Mallory, we’re going to go look at the babies now. Prepare yourself.”

photo (12)

“WHO IS THAT?” “That’s Thunder.” “WHO IS HIS FRIEND?” “His friend is Rusty.”

photo (13)

“Nicole, this is why I couldn’t own a miniature horse. I know you just said you have to treat them like horses and not like dogs, but I couldn’t handle it. I would buy them hats and jacket, and they would live in my house. I would be a crazy cat lady, but with horses.”

photo (16)

“We have to go. You have a ten hour drive ahead of you. Say goodbye to Thunder.” “Goodbye, Thunder.”

photo (15)

“Nicole. I am never going to be happy again. I will diminish, and go into the West, and remain Mallory.”

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