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officeYou can tell us. It can’t be worse than this:

So when an intern driving a forklift through the cellar bumped a tank holding thousands of litres of wine ready to bottle, the damage was irreparable.

or this:

“We were listening to the control tower instructions and timing how long the pilots took to respond,” wrote the anonymous respondent. “My colleague left for lunch … having turned his radio onto ‘broadcast’ by accident. As radio is one way, it meant that no one was able to send or receive messages on the frequency that was being used to give take off permission.”

“I started to eat my lunch to discover that all departures from the airport had been brought to a standstill by someone who sounded like they were eating their lunch,” the anonymous respondent wrote of the incident that occurred 18 years ago. “The realisation that it was the sound of MY lunch being eaten hit me about 10 minutes later. I rushed over and flicked the switch to off” and flights resumed.

or — GOOD GOD — this one:

In France last year, an intern’s photo selection for an advertisement offering a free kindergarten service caused an uproar, notes Alexandre Coninx. “The problem is that the picture used as a background [in the advertisement] is Gregory Villemin, a 4 year old child that was murdered in 1984 and made the headlines of the national media for a long time (the murder was never elucidated),” Coninx wrote.

Once, when I was an editorial assistant, I did not BUDGET ADEQUATE TIME to prepare financial reports for an important quarterly meeting that Important People came into the office for, and my boss’ boss cancelled the meeting ten minutes in because it was “obvious we don’t have the materials we need to make any decisions.” It was the first and only time I have cried at work.

I’ve done worse things at work, but they weren’t mistakes. Join me in freeing yourself of the guilt. Unburden yourselves.

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