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The Kids in the Hall had more respect for the art of drag than anyone else in the game. When they were women, they were women for a reason, not just because they thought it was funny for guys to wear hose. They were specific women. Never for a moment should you confuse Bruce McCulloch’s Katie for Scott Thompson’s Cathy; this would be a grave error.

Kathie is a born follower who has not yet learned to manage her own body; she shivers with excitement at the prospect of gossip. Cathy knows how to hold a moment. She leans back, inhales sharply through her nose, and crosses her legs with great purpose.

As always, some thoughts:

1. There is no sound truer nor more horrifying than the sing-song chorus of “Yeahhhh”s at 2:19.

2. Kathie’s face, when she learns what Tanya’s been saying about her, is the very picture of devastation.

3. There is a direct line from the “Secretaries” sketch to Maria Bamford’s “Crazy Office” routine:

4. The body language in this scene is better than actual choreographed ballet.

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