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Proposed: that “Can you believe I work at a bank?” is the most perfect opening line to any Kids in the Hall sketch ever written, in this life or the next.

Proposed: that “I.e., I gotta wear a tie” is the next best sentence.

Proposed: that Bruce’s haircut in this scene captures a particular type of person and a particular type of attitude more thoroughly than words ever could.

Proposed: that “First thing in the morning, people give me shit. That’s how I know my day’s begun” is the saddest dose of realism ever injected into a comedy sketch.

Additional highlights:

“Sir, were you aware that you were gross?”

“I look at him and it’s like: who would fuck you?”

That brief move Bruce pulls, coupled with “fuck the baaaank” ought to have been a minor hit on the dance charts on the late 80s.

Someday, Bruce will eat pancakes on your grave.

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