Rejected Names For “The Toast” That Nicole And Mallory Actually Considered -The Toast

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toast-3-1120575-mThese are all 100% actual names that Nicole and self considered naming this website. Consider yourself lucky; any one of these could have served as an admirable name for a women’s college freshman-year literary magazine.

A Reasonably Good Time
Within Reason
The Bellwether
A Good Melon
The Familiar
The Associate
The Sampler
The Augurer
The File Cabinet
The Conversationalist
The Boarder
Diving Into the Wreck
Of Woman Born
Excellent Women
Wild As A Mink
The Blog Who Sang
Roughing It In the Bush
Life in the Clearings
An Unsuitable Blog for a Woman
The Best of Everything
Another Part of the Forest
The Angel in the House
Votes for Women
The Suffragette
Educated Guess
Jagged Little Blog
All We Really Want
Canaries in the Mineshaft
Reckless Disregard
A Fine Old Conflict
Daughters and Rebels
The Voyage Out
Congenial Spirits
The Buccaneers
The Wide Net
Loitering With Intent
The Untidy Gnome
The Jumping-Off Place
What Is To Be Done?
Home Truths
A Fairly Good Time
Company Manners
Talking Out of School
“Women, Am I Right?”
The Breaking Point
The Most Wonderful Thing
Chasing Trouble
The Company She Keeps
The Dinner Party
The Recreationalist
A Warm Reception
The Receptionist
The Housewarmer
Staying For Dinner
Have Another
The Toast
The Living Room
The Dropped Mic
The Martinet
The Painted Jade
First Blush

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