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  1. MALLORY: so this is not an Avengers movie

    NICOLE: No.

    MALLORY: even though a lot of Avengers were in it
    this was a specifically Captain America movie

    NICOLE: It is a Captain America movie.

  2. These are all 100% actual names that Nicole and self considered naming this website. Consider yourself lucky; any one of these could have served as an admirable name for a women's college freshman-year literary magazine.

  3. It's been a whole year since we launched this misandrist humo(u)r blog aimed chiefly at women who work as rare book librarians, and here we are! Let's talk about learning, and growing, and how our second year will see us finally convince Brittney Griner to be Mallory's girlfriend. Mallory: It is remarkable to think that a year has passed! Years always do, of course, in a strictly accurate sense the fact that a year has…