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Course List for Lara Croft, Master of Library Sciences Candidate, Trinity Term 1998

“Tomb Raiders No More”: Cross-Cultural Literacy And Global Burial Site Ethics

Carrying And Discharging Multiple Guns At Once

First-Year Seminar: Basic Etiquette And Intro To Jewel Thievery

Holocene-Era Landscape Change And Haunted Daggers

Maintaining Control Of Your Family Estate: Intro To English Inheritance Law

Pre-Clovis Sites In The Americans And The Most Common Vengeance Goddesses You’ll Find There

Coping With Loss 401 (Advanced): When Your Recently Deceased Loved Ones Are Possessed By The Spirit Of The Evil God Set

Archaeobotany Lab

Mercenary Employment Best Practices: Working With Freelancers

Grant-Writing During Downtime: Turning Plane Crashes In The Himalayas Into Office Hours

Cultural Sensitivity In A Time Of Crisis: How To Respect Indigenous Customs Without Returning The Amulet

Ethics Seminar: The Scion Of Atlantis And Ownership Rights After A Civilization’s Downfall

Secret Societies And Advanced Ledge-Jumping

Electromagnetic Grappling And Agricultural Diversity In Pre-Contact Europe

World Religions And How To Exploit Them

Mid-Dig Betrayal: How To Hide From Your Own Coworkers In Your Own Excavation Sies

Important Biblical Myths And How To Battle Them

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