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  1. Previously: Rupert Giles, MLS.

    Course List for Lara Croft, Master of Library Sciences Candidate, Trinity Term 1998

    "Tomb Raiders No More": Cross-Cultural Literacy And Global Burial Site Ethics

    Carrying And Discharging Multiple Guns At Once

    First-Year Seminar: Basic Etiquette And Intro To Jewel Thievery

    Holocene-Era Landscape Change And Haunted Daggers

  2. Previously in Femslash Friday: The Facts of Life. Tomb Raider 2013 may very well be the Toastiest video game ever created. Truly, if the developers had set out to make a game specifically intended to appeal to regular readers of this website, they could have hardly been more successful. Newly made-under Lara Croft is a recently graduated archaeologist: studious, serious, and hungry to prove herself in her field. Throughout the game, she remains…