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It’s a beautiful, simple idea – take something seriously that is not meant to be taken seriously – that’s absolutely perfect for the Kids‘ brand of wide-eyed, terrifying sincerity. A bikini inspector who rides the bus to work (“There’s an hour right there”), who makes $8.67 an hour, who can’t understand why so many guys in bars and on the beach want to pretend to have his job.

It’s the details, as usual, that make this not just funny but transcendent. The Kids capture the little particulars of blue-collar, working-class life better than almost any other sketch group I can think of. Bruce’s little bulldog expression and reflexive “it’s not a joke; I inspect bikinis” after the audience’s first big laugh are pitch-perfect. This is a serious, and a tired, man.

“You work in a dang factory. You gotta inspect 4, 5000 units. Shift work, too, you know?”

The callback during the beaver patrol interlude is great, too – women and beavers alike won’t stop biting his thumb. This man has suffered. Perhaps you’ll think twice before putting on your bikini patrol shirt next time.

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