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stella its your sister blanche
your sister from before, with mom and dad

my God
it’s so good to hear from you
it’s been ages
yeah probably
at least since before the wedding
ive seen you since my wedding
no, darling
i meant my wedding
my wedding
to Stanley
to who
my husband
i thought we were talking about my husband

no, I meant mine
well mine died ten years ago

yes, I remember
so its sort of hard for me to talk about husbands right now
I’m sorry, darling
i didn’t want to talk about husbands
can i come over
i need help

of course you can
you’re welcome here anytime
i need a place to stay for a while
is everything all right?
nothing’s all right

what is it?
is there anything i can do?
i’m thirty five
so i need to move in for a while

how long do you think that might be?
at least until im not thirty five anymore
thats for sure
and honestly its not important to me WHEN you redecorate
so dont feel like you have to be in a rush because of me

redecorate what
oh sweetheart

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