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GPB weddingMarissa Maciel’s previous work for The Toast can be found here.

The bride is a confirmed tea drinker; the groom worked as a barista at her local cafe. He knew she was interested when she ordered six shots of espresso.

The bride is a children’s librarian; the groom restores and repairs books.

The brides met while competing in Judo and Ultimate Fighting events. Their first dance will be to the Dean Martin song “Ain’t That A Kick in the Head.”

Both grooms are Morse Code enthusiasts. For the proposal, Greg wired their dining room chandelier to a switch under the table, tapping out in Morse Code, “Zac, will you marry me?” Zac spoke his reply: “-.– . …”

The couple had spent the weekend building furniture together from IKEA. Tracy had replaced the instructions for the last piece to assemble — an Ektorp sofa — with her proposal. Luke was nearly brought to tears of frustration upon seeing no diagrams on the (replaced) instructions. Only after she insisted he read the instructions did he understand what was happening. The sofa will appear at reception and guests are invited to have their picture taken with it.

Grace had seen Alan staring in disbelief at a flat tire on a car parked in their company’s parking lot. When she asked if he needed help, he confessed to having trouble getting the trunk open. She explained that it was her silver four-door that had the flat tire, not his similar-looking car parked in the aisle over. The couple will arrive at the reception in a restored vintage tow truck.

The mother of the bride is a systems operator for NASA; the bride’s father owns a dog-walking service called The Martian Rovers.

The bride is an orthopedic surgeon; the groom is a semi-professional rodeo clown.

The couple are sommeliers, but decided to serve only beer at the reception when their wine list was getting to be as long as the guest list. “The idea is to get buzzed and have fun,” said the bride.

The groom manages their city’s weekly Swap Meet; the bride owns a successful conflict mediation practice.

Sarah is an aerialist performer, and Sandra researches North American Orb Weaver spiders. They will take their vows while suspended from the Natural History Museum’s ceiling.

Jackson is a hairstylist and makeup artist. Derrick operates a knife and scissor sharpening service. The grooms plan to honeymoon in London.

Caroline works at an indoor trampoline gymnasium. Arthur sells hearing protection.

The couple’s first date started as a picnic in the park on a warm summer afternoon, but ended abruptly when they both admitted they hated picnics. “We were both thinking this was romantic, but then we realized we preferred eating away from bugs and wind,” said the bride. The ceremony and reception will be held securely indoors.

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