Songs From A Mountain Goats Album In Which Cicero Is Not Mentioned And Everybody’s Marriages Work Out -The Toast

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The Mountain Goats - John Darnielle, Peter Hughes, Jon Wurster, December 2010.

“I Love You. Let’s Stay Away From Fire Accelerants”

“This Motel Isn’t A Symbol Of Anything”

“Going To Georgia (To Protest Its Permissive Gun Laws)”

“Neither Of Us Shoplifts And We Only Took Vicodin That Once”

“It’s Hot Here But I’m Able To Separate That From My Feelings About Our Marriage”

“A Song In Which Travel Successfully Reignites The Flame”

“The House That Didn’t Drip Any Bodily Fluids”

“Yes, I Can”

“We Both Have Steady Paychecks And Put 15% Into Savings”

“I Love It When You Sing To Our Child And I Think We Can All Agree It Would Be Weird If I Didn’t”

“Nothing Going On Here Resembles A Trashcan Fire”

“I Thought About Titling This Song In Latin But Decided Against It”

“You’re Back In Town? That’s Cool, Let Me Know If You Want To Grab Coffee Sometime”

“No Train Noises In The Background Of This One, No Sir”

“I Keep My Bathroom Pretty Clean, But I Never Feel Tempted To Lie Down In There”

“A Package Came For You Today–Is It For My Birthday? :D :D :D”

“Communicate, Compromise, And Never Go To Bed Angry”

“The Guy At The Liquor Store Probably Doesn’t Know Our Names”

“Importing Strawberries From England Would Be Madness When They Have Perfectly Good Ones Right Here At The Ralph’s”

“Greyhounds Really Are A Fantastic Way To See America”

“I’m Upset But I’m Still Going To Take My Clothes Off Before I Get In The Shower”

“This Relationship Is Not A Grift”

“Just A Song About Cheerfully Making Soup”

“I Guess I Can See How Someone Might Mistake Lust And Shared Dependencies For Love, But It’s Not A Problem I’ve Ever Had”

“I Hear You Out In The Garage–See If You Can Find That Jigsaw Puzzle We Wanted To Do”

“Waving At You (Every Morning As You Leave For Work)”

“People Say Friends Don’t Destroy One Another, So I’m Going To Reevaluate Some Of My Toxic Relationships”

“Our House Has No Structural Flaws”

“Alpha Happy Anniversary Sweetheart”

“The Chord Structure For This One Sounded A Lot Like Another Song Of Mine, So I Went Ahead And Rewrote It”

“Twin Human Highway Flares”

“There Will Be No Divorce”

Emma Stanford is a library assistant working in the UK. She rings bells a lot.

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