Albums In Which

What if no one drowned in a Decemberists album? What if Sufjan Stevens made it through an entire record without singing to a ghost? We tackle the big issues, and then we stop tackling them.

  1. “I Used to Be Anxious About Flying But Now I Take Xanax When I Travel”

    “I’m Glad We Communicate So Effectively Because I Think It Has Really Strengthened This Relationship”

    “Here’s A Narrative About Three Seemingly Unconnected Characters Who Feel Sad For A Bit But Then Decide To Go Have A Picnic In The Park Together”

  2. “Santa Baby, Thanks for Not Evaluating Me Based on How Many Fellas I’ve Kissed”

    “Mary, Did You Know That You Have 12 Months of Paid Family Leave?”

    “O Little Town of Bethlehem, How Many and Affordable Are Thy Health Care Choices for Women”

  3. “All Of My Feelings About The USA Are Uncomplicated And Positive”

    “I Have No Need To Refer To The Holy Spirit When Having Sex, Not Even A Little Bit”

  4. Riane Konc's previous work for The Toast can be found here.

    “Maroon Is An Adjective, So I’m Not Going To Use It Like A Verb, Not Once”

    “You Know What I’ve Got Some Thoughts About? The Southwest”

    “Let’s All Just Camp Out Around Middle C Where None Of Our Voices Feel Strained”

    “Almost Nothing Reminds Me Of My Failed Relationship, Including Those Crows”

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  7. Previously in this series.

    “Little Lion Man With A Healthy Outlook"

    “I Appreciate Our Time Together and Don’t Feel the Need To Pretend It Was Impossibly Difficult By Writing A Bitter Song About Sex And Christianity”

    "This Song Has Some Banjo Playing, But It’s Very Tasteful"

    "This Song Is Sincerely About Our Love For Whole Foods And Isn’t An Allegory"

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    "I'm Not Calling You a Liar Because I Genuinely Trust You Implicitly"

    "Kiss With a Hug"

    "Girl with Two Eyes"

    "My Boy Builds Wardrobes (and Assorted End Tables)"

    "I'm Going Out (Gonna Drink One Glass of Water for Every Alcoholic Beverage)"

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    This Ice Cream Truck Driver Sells Only Ice Cream, Not A Sense Of Specifically American Melancholy

    Everyone In Line For This Pay Phone Is Calling To Deliver Good News

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  12. "The Jazzman Had Nothing To Say"

    "A Relatively Subdued Horn Line"

    "No One Was Out For A Walk On Greene Street"

    "A Quiet Game Of Cards"

    "Two Men Go Driving With A Specific Destination In Mind And Arrive There Promptly"

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  14. "Let's Talk About A Holiday That's Not Christmas Or About A Minor Polish Civic Hero"

    "Colorado, Now That's An Interesting State"

    "A Guitar, A Bass, And A Drum, That's All The Instruments I Need On This Song"

    "The Gender Of The Person I'm Singing About Isn't Ambiguous At All"

    "No Biblical References Here"

    "Let's Have A Party, Not A Crisis Of Faith"