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Bjork Album Cover Magnets, $1.95 (were $3) These are pretty dope, but what we really need to talk about is how they now sell metal-looking refrigerators that DO NOT attract magnets. What the actual eff?

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 7.41.03 PMCHRLDR T-Shirt, $15.30 (was $51) The saying is a LOT cuter at fifteen dollars.

image1xxl (1)ASOS Curve Denim Jacket, $48 (was $69) Fifty bucks is about the upper limit of what I allow myself to spend on a jean jacket because I lose one every year. Why is that? Send help.


American Apparel Nail Polish, $4 (was $7) I normally try to avoid this joint, but their nail polishes are kind of amazing — high pigment, interesting colors — and they’ve BEEN DISCONTINUED. Hence the limited selection online. Your store might have a wider variety. Get the light yellow one.

S37198686_020_bCharlottenburg Hobo Bag, $129.95 (was $248) The lining alone is worth it even though it will soon be coated in lipstick and old gum and… sand? Where did all this sand come from?

whiskey-notes (1)Whiskey Notes, $7.99 (were $16.95) These journals are meant for taking notes about alcohol but they clearly work better as diaries.

3457140-p-4xGabriella Rocha Hat, $19.99 (was $91) Also comes without the belt thingy.

E5631_ED0747Ball Stacking Rings, $15.99 (were $28) From the reviews: “Fun but that’s about it!” What if you were married to that person?

il_fullxfull.614515079_dzldVintage Norma Kamali Harem Outfit, $425 Putting this here in the hopes that one of you will buy it so that I can’t. Have you ever seen anything so glorious?


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