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Cock-and-Balls Cookie Cutter, $.49 (was $1.25) It’s shrinkage. You know the second these cookies hit the oven they’ll look more “normal.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 8.21.49 PMRevel Asher Flats, $16 with code “EXTRA10” (were $34.99) So, Target sells creepers now. Good to know.

5350721753_2_7_1Velvet Dungarees, $12.99 (were $29.99) Your average fashion blogger would tell you about the time she stumbled upon a Zara Kids standalone store in a creepy Paris suburb and went on a clearance rack rampage bagging ten items for under $100 USD. But I’m not your average fashion blogger.

O0RU1094_711Kate Spade Quote Unquote Studs, $24 (were $48) Any puzzling jewelry that forces people to get closer to your face is great jewelry.

2921409_fpxAmerican Rag Straight-Leg Jeans, $26.99 (were $59.50) The only reason these are on sale, according to reviews, is that they’re more like jeggings than jeans, but are still beloved. You’ve been warned!

2294880ULTA Sonic Advanced Facial Cleansing System, $46.40 (was $58) So bored of Clairsonics.

35523307_001_bDevon Lace Safety Short, $9.99 (was $14) At first, I only planned to include this item because I have a friend named Devon. But now I’m more concerned with the name. What gives, Urban?

il_fullxfull.703463553_5rluButterfly Sleeves Empire Waist Kaftan, $35 This is the non-maternity version of my favorite maternity kaftan. The whole shop is bomb, though.


kre-at Beauty 24 Karat Gold Lashes, $70.80 (were $295) What even are these, sleep aids? So heavy, man. They come in silver, too.

Jane Marie is a writer, mother, fighter and lover.

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