ByChristina Agapakis

Christina Agapakis is a biologist and writer based in Los Angeles. She blogs for Scientific American, and once made cheese out of male tears.

  1. As The Toast searches for its one true Gal Scientist, we will be running a ton of wonderful one-off pieces by female scientists of all shapes and sizes and fields and education levels, which we are sure you will enjoy. They’ll live here, so you can always find them. I got my first gel manicure last week and it was AWESOME.

  2. Males are waste to Wolbachia. These tiny bacteria live inside the cells of many different kinds of insects, and as their hosts reproduce the Wolbachia can hitch a ride from generation to generation. But Wolbachia are only transmitted in the female’s egg cells; sperm are much too small to fit any bacteria inside. This means that for Wolbachia, males are a dead end, unable to transfer any bacteria on to the next generation. To maximize…