ByJenny Carlson & Breanna Rollings

Jenny is an anthropologist and writer who digs weird ecology, sci-fi fandom, and books on paper, and hopes to stumble across King Arthur one of these days. She tweets about culture and the environment here. Breanna works for a national nonprofit but really just wants to be at the beach. She enjoys a nice glass of Malbec, reading Harry Potter books on repeat, British comedy, and recommending local restaurants to out-of-towners. Breanna and Jenny lived together once and are forever roommates in their hearts.

  1. If Tilda Swinton were your girlfriend, you’d be mostly vegan, although Tilda says labels are for the uncreative. You’d marvel at her silo full of legumes, and the only meat you’d eat would be the brown trout that the twins catch on the banks of the firth. You’d feel guilty about that time at your parents’ house when Tilda ate—and loved—pork rinds, since you didn’t realize that she didn’t know they were meat. But, as Tilda says,…