ByLindsay Ellis & Mara Wilson

Lindsay is a vlogger and film critic who writes for The Mary Sue, Tor, IFC, and her own site, Chez Apocalypse. Mara writes at, tweets way too much, and hosts a storytelling show called What Are You Afraid Of? about fears and phobias. Her debut book of essays will be available through Penguin in 2016. Lindsay writes about awesome stuff like robots and the future and movies comprised mostly of explosions. Mara writes about boring stuff like her life. Between the two of them, they have seen Fury Road twelve times.

  1. If Tom Hardy were your boyfriend, he would send you a selfie every day. Each one would have a dog somewhere in the background. If Tom Hardy were your boyfriend, he would gift you a rope bracelet early on in the relationship. When you ask what it is, he would respond intensely, "This could save your life." If Tom Hardy were your boyfriend, you would live in a lovely but sparsely decorated London flat. He…