By S. H. Carlyle

S.H. Carlyle is a humor writer whose work has been featured on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, American Public Media’s The Dinner Party Download, and various other places. He has been described as “off-putting,” “creepy,” and "please just pay your bill and leave."

  1. Previously by S.H. Carlyle: Tips on Interviewing Your Doula Piggyback of Maniacal Laughter: Bride gets on groom's back. Groom holds her up and turns with a smile, as if to say "How did YOU get up there?" Woman offers wry smile in return, perhaps implying: "How about YOU carry ME for a while, the same way I carried you for two years while you were finishing that PhD you're not using." This Barn is…

  2. No decision in life will be as complex and difficult as the selection of your doula. The hopes of so many young families have been dashed simply by selecting a doula who is inexperienced or hostile or simply not in fact a doula but a bike courier. You’ll want to prepare for the interview process thoroughly to avoid some of the common pitfalls of doula selection, or “doulection,” as some people (not many)