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  1. If Oscar Isaac were your boyfriend, he'd know about your penchant for doodling people during long phone calls. You’d leave your notebook open on the kitchen counter and return later to find your sketches surrounded by speech bubbles, giving them fascinating conversations that hinted at rich inner lives.

    If Oscar Isaac were your boyfriend, sometimes he’d jokingly call you his “problematic fave.”

  2. We can all think of actors who aren’t as appreciated as they should be, whether they are consistently stuck in roles that are beneath their talent, their screen persona is chronically misunderstood, or they have become a cultural meme that obscures the true beauty of what they create on that flickering screen.

    In our opinion there is no filmic presence like that of Keanu Reeves. He’s unique, a gift to us all. We live here within

  3. If John Boyega were your boyfriend, you would have a “Sunday Best” section of your wardrobe, which you would actually wear to Sunday dinner.

  4. If Josh Hutcherson were your boyfriend, he would entertain your friends for hours, mixing cocktails like a wise bartender during Prohibition and listening intently to their tales of workplace microaggressions and bad scones.

  5. If Mary-Louise Parker were your girlfriend, you’d laze in bed together on Sunday mornings, with just thin, jersey-cotton sheets as the only barrier between your bodies and the air, and she would read Wallace Stevens aloud to you. You’d debate the pros and cons of austerity in poetry until she said, “Honey, we’re saying the same thing,” and then kissed you through a smile.

    If Mary-Louise Parker were your girlfriend, she would normally keep her

  6. You’d really enjoy your visits to the Asian Actor Club.

  7. Carmen Miranda, who died sixty years ago this month, was a star of the 1940s and '50s -- one of the world’s best-paid artists in both the music and movie industries, as famous for her style as for her work. Nowadays, however, she is practically unknown. If people remember her at all, it’s likely due to a Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, or Tom & Jerry cartoon -- old references themselves -- making fun of her style,…

  8. Previously in this series: If Hayley Atwell Were Your Girlfriend. If John Cho were your boyfriend, he would be thoughtful enough to warn you several hours before he cut that amazing hair of his, so you could maybe call in sick to work and make those hours count. If John Cho were your boyfriend, the cat you rescued back in college would desert you to sleep on his…

  9. In honour of the glorious Lauren Bacall's 89th birthday, let's revisit this perfect Vanity Fair profile from 2011: The apartment is cavernous, on a high floor of the Dakota, on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Huge windows overlook Central Park, 30 feet above the tree line, with the grand residential buildings of Fifth Avenue in the distance. My meetings with Lauren Bacall, who is 86, are at three P.M. in the winter, so the light…