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  1. Be yourself, but more outgoing and less argumentative.

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    You love Don Draper, but at the same time you're glad patriarchy is dead. It was a tough fight, and when you watch Don Draper you can see that he understands this too— both the love, and the complicated gladness.

    At patriarchy's funeral you were the one who laid a wreath on the coffin, and it was you who brought coffee to the grieving widows.

  3. I am a 27-year-old woman and got my driver’s license last year, and I haven’t driven since my road test. For a long time this whole story was part of my “I grew up in New York City” narrative, and to an extent that’s still where it comes from, just because driving never equalled the freedom/rite-of-passage it was for my more rural friends. But the cultural excuses only last so long, because now I am…