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  1. "Tomorrow, if we go get rubber gloves – I'll pay for them – I can clean your stove. Not that it's not – you know what I mean!"

    "Are these Tupperware clean or dirty, sweetheart?"

    "[After seeing the contestant who custom-makes prosthetic limbs for people who have lost their limbs] What a nice thing to do. They say they can do it with those 3D printers now."

  2. Previously: Signs a contestant is about to lose on Chopped. There is no acceptable size for a contestant to be during the Ring Toss. If he is over six feet and 200 pounds, hosts Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila will worry about his ability to hold himself up. "That's a lot of weight to hold up, Matt," Akbar will say. If the contestant is any smaller, they will immediately worry that he or…