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  1. Recently I purchased a twelve-dollar gray wig online and had it shipped to myself at Nicole's house, where I've been staying for the last three and a half weeks, because I was suddenly and inexplicably seized with the thought, "I should have a gray wig and film the ongoing adventures of best friends Joan Didion and Anna Wintour."

  2. From the Old Loves tumblr: "In 1975 while working as a junior fashion editor for Harper’s Bazaar, Anna Wintour was introduced to a visiting Bob Marley by one of her boyfriend’s friends. It’s a longstanding rumor that Wintour disappeared with Marley for a week, spending nearly all her time backstage at his shows or at his hotel." Things I Believe About Their Weeklong Affair 1. That Anna called him "Robert," and continues to…


              Happy birthday, Joan Didion! One of these women is Joan herself. The other is Vogue editor Anna Wintour. Can you guess which is which?…