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  1. EUROPE, 1500 "Ah, gentleman. I'm glad to see you've all managed to arrive safely. I trust you had pleasant journeys." Murmurs of assent. "Let us begin. Europe is at the height of her cultural and political influence; we have the riches of the classical world as well as the novelties of the Age of Discovery to draw upon as we enter a new era of artistic expression. What, then, shall we paint?" Abashed silence. "Nothing?…

  2. Presented without comment.

    1. It Looks Like A Landscape, Liu Wei (2004)

    2. The Bathers, Henry Scott Tuke (1888)

  3. As a current PhD student in Columbia University's Department of Art History and Archaeology, I had some thoughts upon hearing the remarks President Obama made during last Thursday’s speech in Wisconsin, as reported by Politico:

    The president highlighted the benefits of vocational training, joking that it might serve young adults better than a degree in art history.

    “A lot of young people no longer see the trades and skilled manufacturing as a viable…

  4. If you came seeking ornithological knowledge about the titular bird, you may click here. I came by my copy of The Goldfinch dishonestly. I helped a friend carry some boxes at the bookstore she works at, and, in return, she said I could help myself to any galley copy left on the staff bookshelf. I recognized Donna Tartt's name and thought, why does that sound familiar?, and took it home. Later I heard one…