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  1. This post was originally published on September 2, 2013. Year: 2013 Place: London Smaller place: The English Tea Room at Brown's Smallest place: A table for three, with the couple seated next to each other, sweetly, and the reporter across. REPORTER: What changes these last few years have wrought! BENEDICT: I can hardly believe it. NICOLE: Nor I. REPORTER: How did this all come about? How did such a young Canadian woman manage to become…

  2. In the BBC’s recent adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes saga, Sherlock, Irene Adler deliciously croons “brainy is the new sexy.” She is referring, of course, to the show’s titular character, magnificently brought to life by Benedict Cumberbatch. His Sherlock is tall, dark, and handsome—brilliant and sneeringly superior, yet totally irresistible. Cumberbatch’s turn as Sherlock and his entire body of work are critically acclaimed and voraciously loved because he has tapped into a vein of the…

  3. This is what it sounds like.

  4. This is not a real day. It is Labor Day (hi, laborers!) and it is my thirty-first birthday (hi, me!) and in lieu of just completely ignoring you until tomorrow, Mallory agreed to let me devote a day to running random things about Benedict Cumberbatch.

    She also wants me to be very clear that she has nothing to do with this and is only indulging me.