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This is not a real day. It is Labor Day (hi, laborers!) and it is my thirty-first birthday (hi, me!) and in lieu of just completely ignoring you until tomorrow, Mallory agreed to let me devote a day to running random things about Benedict Cumberbatch.

She also wants me to be very clear that she has nothing to do with this and is only indulging me.

And it’s nothing, really. Like, if you want to talk about Mr. Cumberbatch, I am RIGHT HERE FOR YOU, and I’m going to dump some GIFs in a ten am post, and then at noon I’m showing you my Benedict fanfiction, and at one we have a piece about his Byronic charms by Laura Sook Duncombe, and that’s about it. Seriously, get on with your day. But if you have a Tumblr or know people who do, send them here.

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