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  1. Art is important. It is an echo of the real world, capturing our perceptions and reflecting them back to us. And what do we discover reflected in the story of Marie-Laure? A well-crafted homage to destructive stereotypes about blindness, softened and made pretty by artful prose.

  2. I desperately want a career for myself that is successful on its own terms, neither dependent on my blindness nor in spite of it.

  3. What complicates the ways people respond to my height is that I am also blind. I cannot always see the double takes, the astonished gaze sweeping up and down the length of my body – though it is possible to feel these responses, or rather to hear them. A hush tends to come over a room when a blind person enters. My blindness, like my height, makes people see their surroundings differently.

  4. I’m ten. I’m watching wrestling with my two cousins and grandaunt; my cousins are trading stories about the guesses people make about their race. One cousin is constantly mistaken for Mexican; the other, for mixed. They are much lighter than me. I pipe in. “The kids at school think I’m white.” My grandaunt cackles, and spits. “As dark as you are?” I've been made fun of my entire life for not being a "true" or…