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  1. Previously: Male comedians in drag, ranked by attractiveness. No woman, regardless of orientation, can long resist a boyish woman dressed in a well-tailored men's vest. Whether it was this scene from Just One of the Guys or this scene from Young Americans, there came a time in your young and vibrant life when you were shocked to alertness by the quick-moving, wicked-smiling presence of a woman dressed as a man on a screen in…

  2. Previously: Part I.

    On August 3rd, 1862, a nineteen-year-old Irish immigrant named Jennie Hodgers joined the ranks of the 95th Illinois Infantry, successfully passing for a man during a physical examination in which she only had to show her hands and feet. For the next three years, she served as Pvt. Albert D. J. Cashier, engaging in as many as forty battles and skirmishes, where she fought bravely and memorably.

    During the

  3. Recent historical romances featuring cross-dressing heroines (and heroes) show that bodice rippers can be more than prettified, corset-bound wank material.

    Cross-dressing is one of my favorite tropes of historical romance. When a historical romance novel features a woman disguised as a man, I am ON IT like pair of buff-colored breeches on a deliciously rounded female bottom. It’s easy to see why authors and readers find cross-dressing appealing. The heroines can punch, cuss, and…