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  1. By now everyone has heard of Columbusing, the act of “discovering” something that has already existed forever, named after the explorer credited with finding the “New World.” Here are my predictions for The Next Big Thing (that has already existed forever) to hit mainstream white America.

  2. Nineteen years ago I studied every book I could find on childbirth and parenting in my local library when I was pregnant for the third time with my first viable pregnancy. I was a young Native/mixed woman and my partner a young Native man, but I had been adopted and raised by a white family. Knowing I was going to be a mother with so little connection to my culture made me anxious

  3. Previous installments of The Toast’s advice column from two disparate and imperfect persons can be found here. Last time: Death. I am marrying my absolute favorite person in the world next year. It's wonderful, glorious, I'm brimming with happiness, blah blah blah wedding planning is hard, blah blah blah, but there is a specific point of etiquette I'd like to ask about, and I don't have any real-life people to ask who won't…