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  1. BATHROOM DESIGNER #1: Okay, so I think we're pretty much set here. There's not a lot of space, it's single-occupancy, we've got a sink, a toilet, a blow dryer, a trash can – BATHROOM DESIGNER #2: Full length mirror. BATHROOM DESIGNER #1: What? BATHROOM DESIGNER #2: Full. Length. Mirror. BATHROOM DESIGNER #1: What about it? BATHROOM DESIGNER #2: We need a full length mirror. BATHROOM DESIGNER #1: Where? BATHROOM DESIGNER #2: Hanging on the inside…

  2. "Two by two by two [cocks gun] .22."

    "Looks like somebody's...all washed up."

    "A storm is coming that will drown the world."
    "What are we going to do?"
    "We're going to build a boat."

    "The Lord said we needed two of every type of animal on the ark, but we've already got a jackass."

  3. Previously: Before Peter Pan. Things had gotten weird almost immediately. "Spring is a really busy time for me," he told her -- seemingly out of nowhere, as if it were self-explanatory -- a few minutes after she broke the news. "Okay," she said slowly. "What does that mean, exactly?" "I just can't say if I know for sure that I'll be around all the time. Spring is so busy." "You keep saying that," she…