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  1. My thoughts: Man, Dionne is dense, Tai is obviously asking for pot. But I also don’t get why Tai is so excited about soda.

  2. Milo Scanlon's previous work for The Toast can be found here.

    "[Against Me's "Paralytic States"] is about a transgender person dealing with addiction and dysphoria and killing themselves in a hotel bathtub. Obviously I'm not dead in a hotel bathtub, but all the experiences of existing that way, being in that hotel room, are very much real to me, that's a life that I've lived."--Laura Jane Grace

  3. I’m going to talk about pee. Your dirty, drug-laden pee, specifically.

  4. 1. “When you get to Copenhagen, don’t give your grandfather a hard time,” my mother says at the airport. We’re to board the QE2 in Copenhagen and sail with my grandparents for two weeks. I’m 17. My grandmother, who has owned her own travel agency since the 1960s, specializes in group travel. She’s got groups of 15-50 wherever she goes and if she’s sells enough rooms on the QE2, they throw her an extra one…

  5. Amy Collier last wrote for The Toast about the wonderful world of Disney word searches. When I say "Major" you say "Laser!" Major _ _ _ _ Major _ _ _ _ Everybody hands up! Hands up! Hands up! If you love paninis make some noise right now. When I say dance, everybody go this way, and this way, and this way. I want to see everyone feel the sweet nostalgia of a homemade…

  6. Grizzly Man (Herzog, 2005) A haunting travelogue of one man’s failed attempt to bridge the unbridgeable gap between nature and civilization ending in tooth-and-nail tragedy, but you’ll also laugh your head off every time Werner Herzog pronounces the word “bear” or “murder.” Batman & Robin (Schumacher, 1997) Yes, Robin is played by the world’s oldest “Boy Wonder,” Alicia Silverstone should’ve dyed her hair red, Arnold’s ice puns aren’t very… cool, Bat nipples, etc. If it…

  7. I’d like to think I got into selling pot with the best of intentions. I was a freshman in college and one of my friends had some weed he needed to sell to buy his books. Seeing as how it was at least a step closer to the right thing--he’d stolen his textbooks when he couldn't afford them the semester before--I figured I should too. I had worked in a cafeteria for a year before…

  8. Oh my God. This was made up? This was MADE UP? I thought this was a real girl. I THOUGHT THIS COULD HAPPEN TO ME. I thought this was real? Okay, but how made up was this? "Edited" made up or "fiction" made up? HER NAME WASN'T EVEN ALICE? I think I heard about this once, maybe. I think maybe I heard about this a while back, but it just got absorbed into my…