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  1. We’ve all been there: whiling away the time between a work day and the evening’s architectural launch party, loosening our collar and cuffs, maybe having a subtle romantic rendezvous with our secretary, the legendary actress and longtime Bold and the Beautiful mainstay Susan Flannery, when, suddenly, she turns post-coitally to us -- Robert Wagner -- and asks, “did you leave a cigarette burning?”

    No, Susan, we didn’t. The building’s on fire.

  2. what Ronald Stan’s life was starting to burn down around him, so when the big century-old barn full of pigs caught fire, he saw a chance to escape. He’d been cheating on his wife — regularly — and in his mind his marriage was about to fall apart. Amid the roar of the flames and squeal of the pigs, the 32-year-old father of two had a thought: Better to just leave. Sure, I have…

  3. Here is a completely un-affiliated link to Norman Maclean's masterpiece, Young Men and Fire, a book that is deeper and kinder and better than most of the books we have created as a society, and one that can be re-read every year of your life.