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  1. "Thank you for your time and for your goodwill."

    "I am happy to either confirm or deny your question."

    "Sincerely, [your full name here]."

  2. Previously: A guide to flirting with plausible deniability.

    The worst thing that could possibly happen to you is thinking someone is making a pass at you when they aren't, full stop. There is no worse outcome.

  3. There are people who will tell you that the most important thing to remember when trying to pick someone up is confidence, that you miss all the shots you never take, that the worst thing that can happen to you when you put yourself out there is hearing the word "no."

  4. What is the best way to call out someone who has been flirting shamelessly and you think is really into you, but who has a girlfriend, but you think if they left their girlfriend, you would totally date this person, but only if, so you need the call-out to be kind of flirty but not homewrecky. Asking for a friend. Nicole: AHHHHHHHHHHH. IS YOUR FRIEND ROBYN? If so, she can't help it and neither can…