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Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 6.21.32 PMAcanthis – there is one fear and it has one name and you will learn it

Flowering Almond – that was not my hand, it was not my hand you were holding in the dark

Aster – if they tell you that they know me they are lying

Azalea – a drowning this year

Bay Wreath – the woods have changed, do not walk out of sight of the churchyard

Burgundy – pray the gods forget your name

Calla lily – a cat has your heart and will not return it

Columbine – never sleep anywhere long enough for the ground to learn your name


Dahlia – a cave, a sign, a road, a detour and a trap

Daisy – the sun sets sooner in the hills

Hyacinth – everything in the desert sees at night except for you

Iris – no no no no no, not yet, not yet, not yet, not yet, not yet, not like this

Juniper – i won’t, not until you’re ready

Lotus – don’t look at it and it won’t get any bigger or come any closer

Myrtle – I will not forget you, even if you wish it

Orchid – teeth

Pansy – the sea remembers what you put in it

Poppy – cannot take it back

Rose (red) – you wouldn’t unsay it now, even if you could

Rose (pink) – it was the lighthouse, it was always the lighthouse

Tulip – who will be left to console you as you continue as you are

Violet – a poor man did his best for you and look at where that got him

Zinnia – end it, end it, end it, end it, end

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