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  1. A few months ago I wrote a couple of knockoff letters from Union General and Certifiably The Worst Ever Guy George McClellan, who spent the entire Civil War complaining about his oyster and champagne supplies and professionally not attacking the Confederate line.

    This week, I heard from a group of Civil War enthusiasts who performed a dramatic reading of the letters set to "Ashokan Farewell."

  2. Dear Nelly, A busy day here on the river – I woke before Lincoln himself and was in the saddle until about midnight tomorrow – rode over the entire regiment on both sides of the river, was soundly drowned in a torrential rain, and have been busy ever since my return. Things are improving daily – I personally beheaded Brigadier General E. Kirby Smith before breakfast this morning, and he thanked me politely for doing…

  3. em>Recently I have had occasion to spend a great deal of time in my car; I took the opportunity to listen to the audio version of Doris Kearns Goodwin's excellent Team of Rivals. It reignited feelings I bear towards Union General George McClellan that have long remained dormant. These were the responses I felt moved to deliver to the narrator while alone in my car. WHAT MCCLELLAN DID: "From the start, however, McClellan viewed Scott as “the…